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Nicholas Boothman

4 X NY Times Best Seller, 5 Books, 7 Million Copies Sold, 29 International Bestsellers List, Spoke In 60 Countries, Paid to Speak on Over 5,000 Stages.

Nicholas has been called “one of the leading experts in face-to-face communication in the world” by The New York Times.  He has taught his revolutionary techniques of “Rapport by Design” to thousands of corporations, colleges and universities around the world including the Harvard and London Business schools. 

His first two books, How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds orLess and How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less havebeen translated into more than 30 languages.

A former fashion and advertising photographer who dealt with hundreds of new faces a week for clients like AT&T, Revlon and Coca-Cola, he isnow recognized as a world-renowned expert in turning first impressions into profitable relationships.The New York Times calls him “the new Dale Carnegie,” the EconomistMagazine calls him “truly inspirational,” and Good Morning America says,“His book is my bible!”

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Your Host:
After 14 years in police investigations, specializing in interrogation,  Ken was exhausted, stressed and broke.
He Decided That It Was Now Or NEVER!!

After launching, growing and selling a mortgage company, he wanted to grow a coaching business and focus on helping small business owners to generate an endless supply of clients.

After 3 years, a failed book launch & burning through 2 million dollars, he gave up on his dream of being a bestselling author and highly paid coach!

Ken met Nicholas Boothman and his life was changed forever!

Nick taught Ken to write books, to speak from stage and coach other people.  Now Ken earns millions a year from his books, courses and speaking.  All because of Nick's System!

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